How do I change the in-game language?
Click on e.g. english in the login menu to get the game interface in english.

Are multiple accounts allowed?
No, you are not allowed to have multiple accounts according to our TnC.
But you are allowed to have 2 accounts on different game worlds, e.g. one account on Mars Battle and another account on Astro Conquest.

Are you allowed to buy or sell accounts or give them away for free?
No, according to our TnC account transfer is not allowed.

May I share my password?
No, it is not allowed to pass on your password or to log into other accounts according to our TnC. The user is responsible for the security of the password.

How can i use the chat?
Press ENTER in the game interface and write your text. Press ENTER to send.

I cannot login / I forgot my password?
Go to the login menu and click on "Forgot Password?", you can receive a new password via Email.
You can change your password and email entry in the setup menu

How to right click on a Mac?
Press Control on your keyboard while clicking

How do I start the one Minute production?
Click on the rectangle to start the one minute production

How to get titanium for free?
Build 10 export freighter and you will get 1 titanium | Mars Battle | Science Fiction Real Time Strategy Game